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Proud of your tattoo? Proud of the moment it represents? Proud of the pain, time and money you put in the making of it and proud of the artist that made it for you? They say tattoos last a lifetime and then some, now your tattoo can really be forever with our service to preserve your tattoo. We are the only company in the world to offer this service commercially.


Walls and skin hit the news with their unique service of preserving your tattoos

The idea is almost as old as tattooing itself, many people in tattooing say they want to be hung in a museum after they die. Nobody actually ever looked for a way it could be done like we do. We work with a team of renowned pathologists who turn your tattoo into an indestructible piece of plastic. If you want to know more, see here.

Proud as we are to bring you such a unique service we still are a humble tattoo shop with some incredible artists in the center of Amsterdam near central station.

You are welcome at any time for a cup of coffee or a drink to see if we can make your tattoo fantasy become a reality.

We’ve had worldwide news coverage such as reutersthe Mirrorthe Saudi Gazettethe Guardian , BBC Radio (at 23:40) and many, many other websites and newspapers from across the world.


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Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. You can visit our tattoo shop in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.


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